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Quinn Hardwoods Stock @ 23.6.17

K.D. Utile

Utile Hardwood, Dublin, Ireland - Quinn Hardwoods Ltd.


Origin: Africa.
Average Dried Weight: 40 lbs/ft 3 (635 kg/m3)
Wood: Dark reddish-brown heartwood, pale brown sapwood; can have striped figure on quarter-cut material; interlocked grain; medium texture; good natural lustre.
Working Qualities: Medium density; hard; medium stability; durable; sapwood susceptible to insect attack. Easy to work. Unsuitable for-steam-bending. Reduced cutting angle required for planing quarter-cut surfaces.
Finishing: Excellent, provided grain is filled.
Common Uses: Furniture, cabinetry, veneer, boat building, flooring, and turned objects.

Utile Hardwood, Dublin, Ireland - Quinn Hardwoods Ltd.