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Quinn Hardwoods Ltd. - leading suppliers of solid wood and wood based products throughout Ireland

Specialist suppliers of quality timbers
We are leading suppliers of solid wood and wood based products. We source our suppliers and manufacturers globally and our aim is to provide a seamless supply of quality products, delivered at the most competitive prices within the industry.

Based in Dublin we supply Sawn Timber Products, Stair Parts, Worktops and Iroko TGV throughout the island of Ireland.

We stock the following hardwood and softwood products in our Dublin warehouse:

Solid Hardwood & Softwood Sawn Timber Products
Solid Hardwood & Softwood Stair Parts
Solid Oak Stair Parts
  • Solid Oak Stair Strings
  • Solid Oak Stair Treads
  • Solid Oak Stair Risers
  • Solid Oak Stair Handrails
Solid Walnut Stair Parts
  • Solid Walnut Stair Strings
  • Solid Walnut Stair Treads
  • Solid Walnut Stair Risers
  • Solid Walnut Stair Handrails
Red Deal Stair Parts
  • Red Deal Stair Strings
  • Red Deal Stair Treads
  • Red Deal Stair Risers
  • Red Deal Handrails
Solid Hardwood Worktops
Solid Wood Worktops
  • Solid Oak Worktops
  • Solid Walnut Worktops
  • SolidSteamed Beach Worktops
  • Solid Iroko Worktops
Iroko TG&V
Iroko TGV